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The KPA – IP has a specialized team of attorneys and agents with a deep expertise in the legal procedure of preparing, filing and prosecuting Patent applications in Uganda and in the East African region. The essential requirement for patent protection is that an invention must be new, non- obvious to a person skilled in that field and useful to be protected.

Our IP team provides advisory services including on matters related to the licensing of the invention, patentability opinions, infringement analysis, oppositions and litigation including PCT applications.

The patent gives the owner the exclusive right to prevent third parties from using the invention without permission for a limited period of time, generally 20 years.

An application for registration of a Patent can be applied by filling in the appropriate application form and attachment of a patent document having a title, abstract, description, claims and drawings along with receipts of payment and Power of Attorney.

An application found to be in order is subjected to substantive examination to determine if the claimed invention fulfills all requirements for patentability. When a patent is accepted for registration, then a certificate of Grant of a patent is issued to the applicant on payment of prescribed fees.

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