Industrial Design Registration

At KPA – IP, we provide our clients with industrial design services including Filings, Assignments and Renewals.

A design simply relates to the appearance of a product and aspects that can be seen or felt. This may consist of three-dimensional features such as the shape or surface of an article, or of two-dimensional features such as the pattern, line or color.

What is sought is that the design must be new or original, not previously published or used in any country before the date of application for registration.

Industrial design protection confers upon the registered proprietor the exclusive right which lasts 5 years and can be renewed for two more consecutive 5 years.

An application for registration of designs can be applied by filling in the industrial design application form and attachment of the drawings or representations of the design along with receipts of payment and Power of Attorney. Where the applicant is not the creator, the request shall be accompanied by a statement justifying the applicant’s right to the registration of the industrial design.

When the application is accepted for registration, a gazette notice is issued to the applicant to advertise in the Uganda Gazette for 90 days. If no opposition is received, then a certificate of registration is issued to the applicant on payment of prescribed fees.

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