Kaddu & Partners Advocates (KPA) is a full service Commercial Law firm in Uganda. To meet our clients’ legal needs, we have developed expertise in all areas of commercial law.


We believe that it is highly inconveniencing for our clients to have legal disputes. As such we want to partner with our clients and do everything in our power to avoid legal disputes before they arise. Therefore, we strongly strive for ‘Eliminating our clients’ legal apprehensions’


Targeting entities that are mid-size to large to provide a convenient and efficient legal service.


For excellence, we have developed the “AMPS” yardstick which is integral to our operations.


An efficient and convenient legal service

We shall always ensure that the service we give to our clients is efficient and convenient through the provision of innovative, practical and timely legal solutions.


Motivated legal team

To succeed, we shall always maintain a legal team endowed with a wealth of legal experience necessary to execute legal tasks adeptly. The team must always be motivated, organized and inspired to serve our clients diligently and effectively.



We shall strive to establish strong partnerships and linkages both locally and globally with distinguished professionals, Firms and Associations in order to give an efficient and convenient legal service to our clients.


Standards & Integrity

Our standards and integrity should always remain impeccable and while our client base is diverse, we shall always endeavor to customize the service objectively to make it convenient and effective. A lean but proficient legal team held to very high internal standards, excellent legal and analytical capabilities ensuring efficiency in delivery of quality services to our clients.